These workshops are hands-on and geared to educate our children about nature, living sustainably without toxic chemicals, learning about our bodies and how nature can help with our health and wellness.  Of course this can't be done without....LOTS OF FUN!!! 

Kids get to create and take home something each workshop while learning valued information that will help them to become great adults!! There are various topics available and can be catered to seasons of the year, holidays or special days of the year (ex. Mother's Day). As well, workshops can be geared as to what the children are learning in that particular year [ex. colours and scents (K-GR2), fractions (GR3-8), plant biology (GR6-12), mental and physical health (all grades!) etc, etc.]  

Contact us here if you would like your school to participate in one of these fun workshops!  If you are a parent, please contact us with your info and the name of your child's school.